Corporate Coaching

Enhance your professional image

First Impression Matters

First impressions are vital in business. It can make or break the deal. 
Here at Sheens Image Consulting, we provide personalized, individual coaching to help your employees represent the best version of themselves, and the organization. Let us enhance their image and etiquette to empower and motivate them. 

Topic Overview

We cover a wide range of topics, that help employees represent themselves to the best of their ability, in line with the company’s brand and vision.

Topics we cover:

Promoting a Professional Image

Inspiring Your People to be the Brand

Gaining Competitive Advantage via Appearance

Relationship Building to Maximize Business

Dining Etiquette

Engage Your Audience

Wardrobe Management & Grooming

Being a Business Success

Delivering Your Message

Do’s and Don’t of Business Attire

Body Language

Perfection & Professionalism


“I would highly recommend Shireena’s services to hotels who need help representing a professional and successful corporate brand and image. Shireena is a smart, worldly, articulate woman who knows her work and exceeds all expectations to provide a superb service to her clients.”
Gustu Mahardika
Executive Director
Shanti Residences & Resorts
Bali Indonesia
“The feedback we received from students was very positive. Students felt Shireena was friendly, helpful and professional and they felt they had a new sense of confidence after her sessions. We had worked with her for many months and the results have been a real success!”
May Ngan
Career Planning & Development Centre
Chinese University of Hong Kong

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