Sheens Image Consulting


We have a series of workshops and training sessions to cater to your needs. These sessions are aimed at developing your professional image. We also provide consultations with feedback and tips to empower you to reach your goals.


We help to enhance the success of corporations by developing people into global leaders to represent their businesses in the most professional manner.


We help empower individuals to maximize their potential from inside and out, building their confidence and giving them a competitive advantage.


“Image consulting was never something I would have ordinarily considered doing, I was in for a pleasant surprise! Now I know exactly which colors compliment my skin tone and make me appear more vibrant! This was such an interesting and informative session. It was all more than worth the time and money and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Real Time Services

“Shireena’s highly interactive sessions offered our jobseekers great tips on how to present themselves with greater confidence and promote their professionalism. In today’s highly competitive market, there’s always something you can do to improve your chances of getting your dream job; Shireena will show you many interesting ways and I would thoroughly recommend her services.”

Tracey Nicole Batty


Managing Director

“Since the session, I had incorporated many of the tips I was given, and have received compliments on colors I have since worn, and even the shape of my eyebrows. Shireena pointed out something that seemed so subtle at that time, but made such a dramatic difference. I am glad I signed up and have been recommending this service to everyone!”



Talent Consultant