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Tips To Look Younger, Thinner And Taller

Everyone wants to look younger, slimmer, and taller but going for plastic surgery, blaming your DNA or dressing in your children’s clothes are not really viable options. There are other ways to look thinner by choosing the right clothes to wear from your closet and remembering a few tips to looking younger, taller and thinner.

Clothes That Fit

The first rule to looking your best is to wear clothes that fit. Many people wear clothes that are either to big or too small for their bodies. By understanding your body shape and type, you can make smart decisions about sleeve lengths, collar sizes, styles of jeans, length of skirts and even patterns and prints.

When you are browsing through clothes at stores, ask sales assistants to measure you, so you can find the best fit of clothes and correct sizes. Squeezing into XS or size double 0, might make you feel good, but when you hang out in the wrong places, you look inappropriate and immature. When you buy jeans, think about the cut and style. For example if you are relatively curvy with large hips and wide thighs, don’t go for skinny jeans which emphasize your hips, but chose bootleg jeans or ones that slightly flare at the ankle. That way your body will look proportionate.


Colors can also help camouflage challenge areas and make you look slimmer. The key is to wear darker colors over areas you want to hide, and lighter colors over areas you want to highlight. Darker colors tend to recede and lighter colors appear larger than they are. Sounds easy? This does not mean to only cover your head to toe in black, like Catwoman for an ultra svelte look.

There will always be areas that you want to highlight, so even if you wear an all black outfit, try and pair that with a colorful scarf, that hangs down from your neck. This way the eye will tend to move vertically creating the illusion that you are taller than you are. This is similar to any accessory that hangs vertically like a long necklace for example. Any vertical lines on the body make you look taller and thinner. Horizontal lines that cut up the shape of the body such as stripes or a belt can make you look slightly shorter than you may be.

Skinny Parts

Another fabulous tool to keep in mind is to always show your skinny parts! So what are skinny parts? They are parts of your body such as your neck, ankles and wrists. When these parts of the body are revealed, our eyes tend to believe our proportions might be that skinny! So when you wear jackets, show your wrists! When you wear pants, go for cropped pants above the ankle! This will help you look slimmer.

Use these tools and look thinner, younger and more confident INSTANTLY!

This post first appeared in Tabla’s print edition.

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