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Wearing The Right Accessories For A Polished Look

Wearing the right accessories can make you look like a million bucks, without breaking your bank. A dazzling bracelet, an eye-catching tie, a shiny pearl necklace, a silk pocket-handkerchief, a designer “IT” bag or even heavily applied makeup can act as an accessory to your outfit.

If your style is generally casual and relaxed, and you have a slight phobia to multi-colored dresses, and eclectic runway styles, don’t despair. By simply adding accessories to your outfit, you can take it from a causal look to a trendy look. For example, a white shirt and jeans is a great combination for a warm summer’s day, but pairing it with killer gold heels and a gold cuff and a small gold clutch, transforms this casual look to one that is definitely more attention seeking and trendy.

For those of you who live in your office, take your everyday business clothes and add on a great accessory for after work drinks to add some character to your look. It can be as simple as applying some red lipstick, or putting on a colorful scarf over your penguin styled boring black suit and white shirt. It can even be a bling ring you slip on your finger just for a splash of glamour. Men can just as easily change their ties and wear one that is more dramatic. One of the most important accessories a man can wear is a stunning, classic watch. These recommendations are not hard, and should not stress you out. They can be carried to work and added to your outfit for a little oomph.

There are the occasional fashion disasters that occur when people try and pile on every accessory they own, and that can be a total eyesore. Wearing multiple bangles for example is a fashion trend, but remember, if you have an arm full of bangles, don’t go wearing necklaces, scarves and earrings, as you will be crowding the visual space.

A good tip to wearing the right amount of accessories is the Rule of 8. Try and assign 1 point to each accessory you wear, such a ring, watch, necklace, and when you can count more than 8 or 10 accessories in your outfit, that means you look too busy. Large prints for example can count as a print, or a distracting hemline of a dress. Even patent shoes, or a large bag are given a point. Very large hairstyles or heavy makeup that takes attention away from your outfit also get a point. So when you are less than 8 points, your outfit may be lacking pizzazz, but when you get over 8 be careful of looking like you put on every accessory in your closet!

This article first appeared in Tabla’s print edition