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Founder and Principal Consultant

Shireena Shroff Manchharam is the founder and principal consultant of Sheens Image Consulting based in Singapore. She is a certified Image Consultant, who trained under Christina Ong, CIM (Certified Image Master) from the Academy of Image Mastery and trained under Lynne Marks CIM (Certified Image Master) from the London Image Institute. Shireena is also an Associate Member of the Association of Image Consultants International, AICI, and is a member of International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter. As well as being an Image Consultant, Shireena is also certified by Results Coaching Systems as a trained Coach.

This dynamic and entrepreneurial woman has lived and worked in many countries and has a truly global perspective on the diversity of people. She lived over ten years in Japan and later moved to New Delhi, India. Shireena has a Bachelor of International Business with a Minor in Spanish and Concentration in International Trade & Marketing from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. In addition, she has a Business Degree from La Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid, Spain.

Shireena started her career at Transearch International, an executive search firm in New Delhi, and then moved to Hudson, a global recruitment firm in Singapore, where she focused on the banking and financial sector. After working as a recruiter, Shireena combined her people skills gained through recruitment, and channeled her passion for helping people look and feel their best and started Sheens Image Consulting.

Shireena Shroff Manchharam is the creator of Getting To Happy™ and is dedicated to spreading happy, positive vibes through science based activities and tips that are proven to increase your overall wellbeing. She is a certified by Results Coaching Global as a trained Life Coach and certified in Positive Psychology Coaching Mentoring by the Aventis Learning Group, as well as in the Science of Wellbeing. Shireena is a member of International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter.

What is Getting To Happy™?

Getting To Happy™ is a movement towards creating a happier society and community here in Singapore.

As a Life & Happiness Coach for over a decade, speaking to people about the hardships they faced this year made Shireena realize that we all just want to be happier everyday.

As a result, Shireena created a beautiful boxset of 31 cards to inspire you to live, think and be happier. We don’t always have time to stop and reflect in our busy lives, so they were designed to motivate you each day, through science-based activities and tips, to increase your overall wellbeing and level of happiness.

Through small, intentional changes Shireena welcomes you to take my happiness challenge – one month to a happier, more mindful you.

“My promise to you? In just one month you will be more mindful, optimistic and happy. It can be daunting knowing where or how to start, which is why I created these cards. They are based around the Getting To Happy™ key pillars and are the foundation for your personal growth. All you need are a few minutes per day to see a gradual shift towards a more positive you.”

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  • Banks & Corporate Clients
  • Universities
  • Small Luxury Hotels
  • Recruitment Firms
  • Articles
  • Coaching Clients

As an ex-recruiter Shireena worked for banks, MNCs, FMCG clients, and pharmaceutical firms, across Asia, which helps her, advise clients on fitting into the corporate structure and how to identify their unique selling point among the competition. She helps individuals from across industry background from management trainees, to lawyers, to real estate consultants, to senior bankers, and executives manage their image and professional presence. She also works throughout the year with the Royal Bank of Scotland to provide coaching for senior management across Asia Pacific. Other financial institutions include BNP Paribas and OCBC Bank.

Shireena has well-established relationships with Singapore and Hong Kong’s most prestigious universities such as The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and the National University of Singapore. She provides seminars and workshops for undergraduate and MBA students on personal branding, visual impact, image management, and business and social etiquette. She also coaches students individually, to overcome personal limitations in addition to making smart career choices. Shireena’s experience as a recruiter helps her young clients excel in interviews and create a lasting and powerful first impression.

Shireena works with small boutique hotels such as the Shanti Residences & Resorts in Bali, Indonesia. She provides seminars for hotel staff to improve communication and client servicing skills. She can also modify and improve hotel uniforms to make sure it fits with the brand image of the hotel. She also coaches senior management, perfecting their appearance, behavior and communication skills.

With Shireena’s extensive experience as a headhunter, she works with recruiters and HR agencies to help in-house consultants appear more professional and polished during sales calls and when interviewing candidates. Shireena also works with candidates in recruitment agencies to work on their interview and communication skills, in addition to their verbal and visual impact. She is dedicated to helping people shine in interviews and land their dream job.

Shireena is also featured in and writes for different international publications from HR Magazine to the South China Morning Post. While based in Hong Kong, she also wrote a monthly column for a newspaper in Singapore called Tabla. She writes about topics ranging from preparing from interviews, to how to be a pro at networking.

Besides providing coaching for companies, Shireena also coaches individuals from a spectrum of backgrounds, who are all experiencing some sort of transition in their lives. Be it a career change, a personal challenge, Shireena is dedicated to helping each of her clients.