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How To Wear Makeup For Hot Weather

Singapore is a hot city to live in. Temperatures get so high, sometimes you feel as though you are melting. Many women avoid wearing makeup because they feel the makeup will literally melt away. By following some simple rules, they can still wear makeup for hot weather. Low quality brands of makeup are not good to buy because in extremely hot countries like Singapore, the makeup can cause a reaction to your skin due to the combination of heat, perspiration and poor quality ingredients.

It’s a good idea to invest in a really good brand of makeup that suits your skin. Visit makeup counters and ask to see their range of colors to see if they suit your skin, hair and natural coloring. Don’t get carried away with bright, new fancy colors that makeup counters will try and push you to buy. When you are buying makeup for work, stick to colors that look most natural and flatter your facial features. Getting neutral colors are best because they will match with almost anything you wear. Coordinating eye shadows and lipsticks and your outfits every morning before work can take up time and often not come out right.

For work, I always recommend a set makeup procedure that does not take up time, and uses few makeup products. First start by prepping your face with a good strong sunblock. That will help protect your skin from the sun and provide a smooth base to which you apply your makeup. Next apply a foundation if you have an uneven skin tone, or if you need to cover up blemishes. Thick liquid foundations are probably not the easiest foundations to maintain in hot climates, so a good alternative is a mineral based powder which can be lightly applied over the entire face. After your foundation, determine which facial feature you want to enhance. If you have beautiful large eyes, dress them up. If you want to show off your lips and cheeks, play them up. Enhancing all your features when going to work can sometimes look too heavy if not correctly applied.

So if you want to highlight your eyes, start with some eyeliner and line the outer rims of the eyes near the lashes and then apply some mascara. If you want to highlight your eyelids, avoid the eyeliner any eyeshadow, and just apply the eyeshadow and mascara for a fresh look. Then apply some blush to your cheeks and perhaps some lip gloss and you are ready to go! If you are all about your lips, and you want to avoid your eyes, find a natural color for a lipstick that matches your skintone. Apply some blush and you are ready to go!

Remember that even in hot climates, women should wear makeup to work, because studies show that women who do, receive higher salaries, quicker promotions and better positions within companies!